I have no experience in stage combat or in the theatre & film industry. Can you accommodate?

Yes, these workshops are suitable for beginners, regardless of your background.

What should I bring?

Loose fitting clothing and suitable footwear e.g. joggers & trainers. A bottle of water is advisable.

Things to avoid: anything that restricts your movement, jewellery and accessories.  

What if I can only attend part of the day or a select few dates?

No problem. Certificates are awarded by completing number of hours, and at the practitioner's discretion. The Stage and Screen course requires 32-36 hours of training.

However, Master as Arms also offers Introduction to Unarmed certificates (16 hours) for those with a tight schedule. 

How long will my certificate be valid for?

Forever! There is no expiry date, no membership fees, no subscriptions or retraining nessecary. 

Minimum age?

+16 for courses. However, Master at Arms does offer workshops to younger students too.

How do I get to Ralli Hall, Hove?

Ralli Hall is well situated (opposite Tesco) and has excellent access facilities:

RAIL– Nearby Hove station has excellent connection and services from Brighton, London and south coast. 

BUS– Excellent regular bus services – 7, 95A, N7, 21A, 21

ROAD– From Cromwell Road, Goldstone Villas, Blatchington Road

TAXI– There is a taxi rank close by in Goldstone Villas, or phone for a taxi from Ralli Hall.

DISABILITY ACCESS– wide side door access to main hall, avoiding main front door steps – wheelchair ramp, disability car parking space at front of building.

PARKING– Please note there is no onsite parking at Ralli Hall. There are roadside and disability parking spaces close by as well as the nearby station car parking facility.

I want to learn how to sword fight, can Master at Arms help?

Absolutely. Master at Arms also offers introductory and full courses in many weapon systems, including knife, rapier & dagger, longsword and sword & shield. 

How do I book? / I have another question.

Click 'Book Workshop' or email: joshuaplummeractor@hotmail.co.uk